School of Computer Engineering

Computer Department

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science, home of scientific and innovation

It is established to contribute immensely as part of the mission to the actualization of the vision of coastal polytechnic, that is producing adequate and capable manpower who can identify and solve problems in our society through scientific research, inventions and continuous partnership with those in the society who shares our ideals.

We adopt clever approach to teaching which covers all theoritical,practical and its applications to industrial and social engineering aspect of our economy.

We will also adopt conceptual, design and implementation strategies of creative design techniques to revolutionize our departmental approach to invent things.


National Diploma (ND) graduates of this programme should be able to:

  • Operate Computer systems
  • Use various Computer packages
  • Maintain hardware
  • Solve simple hardware problems
  • Use Internet
  • Set up Computer Network
  • Set up and manage an enterprise Computer Based Information System (CBIS)
  • Use various programming languages:
  • Visual BASIC
  • JAVA
  • C Programming
  • Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • Hyper Text Mark-up Language


5 O’Level Credit Pass including English Language,Mathematics,Physics and any other subject.

UTME average score of 120